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Oscar 2023: Kangana Ranaut Praises Deepika Padukone for her Oscar Appearance.

In the world of entertainment, the Oscars are the most coveted award. Every year, the biggest names in the film industry gather together to celebrate the best of the best in cinema. Recently, Kangana Ranaut praised Deepika Padukone for her Oscar appearance, and this has set the internet ablaze.

South’s superstar Ram Charan and Junior NTR’s film RRR rocked the 95th Oscar Awards show. The movie’s song ‘Naatu Naatu’ won the Oscar Award, after which people are looking very happy. At the same time, actress Deepika Padukone has also increased the honor of India at the Oscars. Along with this, she has praised RRR’s song Natu-Natu. Meanwhile, a tweet by Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has come to the fore which has become a topic of discussion among people.

Kangana Ranaut said this for Deepika Padukone:

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has made a tweet on her official Twitter account in which she praised Deepika Padukone fiercely. Kangana wrote, ‘How beautiful Deepika Padukone is. It is not easy to stand together with the whole country, carry your image, and reputation on those delicate shoulders and speak with such grace and confidence. Deepika testifies that Indian women are the best. Fans are reacting fiercely to this tweet of Kangana Ranaut. Everyone is liking this style of Kangana.

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Kangana Ranaut praised ‘RRR’:

Kangana Ranaut has also congratulated the team of RRR for winning the Oscars. Kangana Ranaut remains very active on social media & expresses her opinion on every issue with impunity. Although many times Kangana Ranaut is also trolled because of this. But still, Kangana Ranaut doesn’t care about these things.

Kangana Ranaut said to the team of ‘RRR’, “Congratulations to the whole of India. A film about the oppression, torture, murder, and colonization of Indians on racial lines, was appreciated on the world stage, just for those who died during the Bengal famine.” The number was far greater than the death of the Jews during the Holocaust. Thanks, Team RRR’.

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