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Panchayat Season 2 Review


Panchayat is an Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama popular web series led by Jitendra Kumar is back on Amazon Prime Video. ‘Panchayat 2’ is one of the most awaited web series  which fans were excitedly, waiting for. This web series was listed to release on May 20, but right now Amazon Prime Video has released it right two days before the listed time. The series written by Chandan Kumar, is directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra, which features Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Biswapati Sarkar and Chandan Roy.

What was in the first season?

When Corona’s first lockdown was imposed, for the first time in the month of April 2020, ‘Panchayat’ was started on Amazon Prime Video.This web series passed the good time of the people during the lockdown. People liked the content of the panchyat web series a lot. In the first season, it was seen that Abhishek Tripathi, who has done engineering,for job comes to Phulera village as Panchayat Secretary,but after seeing the situation here, he makes up his mind to leave the job on the actually first day. In such a situation, he thinks of giving CAT examination to do MBA and isn’t capable to succeed in it.

With a motorcycle trip from Phulera to Fakauli Bazaar, this web series showcased all that can be considered a true mirror of the’ development’in the country. Didn’t watch TRP’s top TV show Anupama?

What’s new in Panchayat season 2?

Well makers have introduced fresh faces, developed new tracks and worked on character arcs. The second season of the series begins from where the first season finished. Yes, the secretary  (Abhishek )is seen getting down from the water tank holding the thermos. On being asked, he said that they had gone to drink tea.

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In the middle of preparation of MBA entrance test and the job of secretary in the Gram Panchayat office, this story of ‘Panchayat’ has become a little romantic in its second season from the first episode itself. As the story continue, new characters will also come in it. Sunita Rajwar’s entry has been from the second episode itself. Elections are going to be clenched again in the village. The roads in this part of India are still similiar that the motorcyclist cannot understand that the shocker got blemished  by the weight of the wife or because of the poor road.

In the second season, it will be seen that Abhishek Tripathi will meet Rinki,(Pooja singh) daughter of Pradhan Manju Devi and Brij Bhushan Dubey and the story will proceed on the love story of both. Abhishek is not only drilling his feet deeper into the Phulera soil but apperas to be enjoying it too. Every  single emotion of Jitendra Kumar, who became Abhishek Tripathi, is now known. His personality was the anchor of the series in the first season, but now this time auidence’s eyes are more on other characters.

Faisal Malik as Prahlad and Chandan Roy, who works as an assistant in the Panchayat office the life of this season.Chandan Roy’s acting is so effortless and simple tha it leaves the audience wow for him. Neena Gupta character gets some teeth this time and the actress is wonderfully play. Raghubir Yadav brings a smile as soon as he perform on the screen in the role of Pradhanji.The arrival of CCTV in Phulera has inadvertent consequences. A man hired for publicise ade-addiction drive turns out to be a drunk. It makes this series more interestning.

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Spread across eight occurrences, Panchayat Season 2’s every episode varies in length but keeps you steeped in the characters and their stories.

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