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Ram Gopal Varma on Unni Mukundan’s Raid and the Arrest of Actor Vishal Krishna

There is a lot of talk right now about whether or not the recent arrest of popular Malayalam actor Unni Mukundan by Enforcement Directorate was justified. In the article, Ram Gopal Varma, who has been critical of the new government and its actions, sheds some light on what exactly happened in this case.

Raids of the Malayalam film actor Unni Mukundan

The film Raid was one of the biggest releases in 2018. The film starred Malayalam actor Unni Mukundan, who was arrested last week by the police on charges of rape. The controversy over the arrest has led to Varma’s statement that they were out to destroy the actor’s career. Varma further says that how the actress has come out with a statement that she is willing to take legal action against anyone who claims she has not been raped.

What’s happening in the film industry

The actor Vishal Krishna who was in the film Raid says that there is a conspiracy and is on the lookout for the people who were involved in it. He also says that he has all the evidence to prove his point. The producer of the movie Raid and director Unni Mukundan, as well as Malayalam actors Jayaram, Kavya Madhavan and Nivin Pauly have been arrested and sent to judicial custody.

The arrest of Malayalam cinema actor Vishal Krishna

On September 25, the Kerala police arrested actor Vishal Krishna from the Mumbai airport. This came after a raid on his house in Kozhikode following a complaint by an ex-actress who was reportedly “abused, threatened and blackmailed” by him. Actor Unni Mukundan had confirmed this information to the media, claiming that Vishal had been harassing over a number of years.”

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