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The Push or Pull Factor: How to Increase Revenue

Marketing can be a tricky business. Some people will do anything to avoid marketing, but in order to keep growing you must constantly put yourselves out there and be willing to approach new people. This is an article that is meant to help you increase revenue, whether it’s through the push or pull factor!

The Push Factor

When it comes to developing a revenue strategy, companies often find themselves in one of two camps: push or pull. The push factor seeks out new customers and generates revenue by leveraging existing client relationships. However, the pull factor leverages customer data and insight to help target new or unknown prospects that may not have seen your business in a long time.

The Pull Factor

The pull factor is the reason consumers visit a site or sign up for a newsletter. It is an online interaction that could be anything from a video to a contest, from email marketing to discounts. Businesses want to make more money, but their revenues need not be limited by their own resources.

With the right type of marketing plan, a business can implement new strategies that will draw people in and increase revenue. If a company is running low on funds, they can use this strategy to boost sales without spending much – instead they can focus on offering quality products.

The Pull Factor is when customers purchase something because of the desire to use or experience the product. The Push Factor is when customers purchase a product because of an internal need, such as improving health or performance. Traditionally, businesses have focused on the Push Factor to increase revenue and have neglected the Pull Factor.

How to Increase Revenue

Companies should start marketing their products more aggressively to increase sales. The push factor is a tactic that companies can use to persuade the customer to purchase their product. Companies should also employ the pull factor, which is when they offer discounts or other incentives that make it easier for the customer to buy their product. This article is all about the different ways to increase revenue.

It starts off with the push or pull factor, which is how to attract new customers and convert them into buyers. It then goes on to talk about how your website can be optimized for conversion and social media. One of the most important factors to consider when thinking about increasing revenue is the push or pull factor.

This refers to how people react to whether something is presented as a desirable or undesirable factor in your company. This means that you should be creating reasons why your potential customers will want to buy your product rather than why they should not.


The push and pull factors are the driving forces that can move your company forward. The true measure of success is when both push and pull factors are present.

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