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The Remarkable Journey of Ravi Mandya: From 10th Pass BMTC Driver to Josh Sensation

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Ravi Mandya, a BMTC bus driver who completed his studies up to the 10th grade, is now gaining widespread recognition throughout Karnataka for his talent in entertaining people through his videos. Despite facing challenges, including commuting daily from Mandya to Bangalore for work, he consistently uploads videos and produces original content for Josh. Ravi expresses, “I find resonance in the campaigns on Josh, which motivates me to consistently participate.” Maintaining consistency has been crucial in driving his success.

During the initial phase of his journey as a content creator, Ravi faced a lack of support from his family in pursuing his passion. “People used to mock me when they watched my videos,” he recalled. However, he persisted in chasing his dreams, and gradually, people began to connect with his content. As his content gained popularity, everyone started appreciating him and expressed interest in acting alongside him in his videos!

Reflecting on his challenges and successes, Ravi Mandya expressed, “I’ve always had a passion for acting and enjoyed watching dramas and movies since childhood. Though I aspired to become an actor, it didn’t materialize. That’s why I turned to this short video platform and pursued acting there.”

Ravi has embarked on a journey of giving back to the community. With his videos earning recognition and fame, he has demonstrated his true artistry by uplifting the entire community of bus drivers. He celebrates his profession and inspires others through his videos, as evident here:

Josh offers a program called Creator Pro, uniquely designed to compensate creators for videos that generate high engagement on the platform. Unlike many other platforms that primarily reward creators with millions of followers or cater to top-tier audiences, Creator Pro is inclusive and pays creators regardless of their follower count or audience reach. Even creators like Ravi, with 100k followers, can earn through this program, making it accessible to those starting in their content creation journey or from non-metro areas. Since its launch, over 15,000 creators have earned money for their engaging videos through Creator Pro.

Thanks to Creator Pro, Ravi’s income has significantly improved, allowing him to repay his loans and lift his family out of financial hardship. He’s also delighted by his progress, as his videos are now recognized and appreciated by many. Ravi’s journey is undeniably inspiring, and his success is well-deserved. It exemplifies the transformative power of social media in today’s digital age, showcasing the myriad opportunities it offers in the era of digital India.

Follow Ravi on Josh and witness how his content resonates with every ordinary individual!

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