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#बेरोजगारों_की_संसद Trends on Twitter as Unemployment Rises

Unemployment rates in India have risen in February 2023, with experts attributing it to the privatization policies that have left many youths jobless. The situation has become a national issue, and youths are protesting across various states, demanding that the government take action. The hashtag #बेरोजगारों_की_संसद is trending on Twitter, with over 20K tweets calling attention to the plight of the unemployed. As the economy continues to struggle, it remains to be seen what steps the government will take to address the crisis.

Why This Story Matters: Uncovering Its Importance

The CMIE’s most recent analysis has revealed a rise in unemployment during the previous month. In February 2023, the unemployment rate in India was calculated to be 7.45%, a noteworthy increase from the 7.14% rate in January 2023. This data signifies a notable shift in the India Unemployment Rate 2023.

Who Initiated This Nationwide Campaign in India?

Founded in May 03, 2021 by Waman Meshram, the Bhartiya Berojgar Morcha has recently gained widespread attention in March 2023, thanks to its growing Facebook following. Waman’s mission is to secure jobs for unemployed youth throughout India, and the movement has struck a chord with many. As the campaign gains momentum, it remains to be seen what impact it will have on India’s current unemployment crisis.

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