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UK Government Launches £1 Billion Great British Insulation Scheme.

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As winter approaches, the UK government is taking a significant step to help families keep their homes warm and reduce energy costs. The newly launched Great British Insulation Scheme, backed by £1 billion in funding, aims to assist over 300,000 households in lowering their energy bills through essential energy efficiency improvements.

Targeting Those in Need

The scheme primarily targets families residing in lower council tax bands with homes that have lower energy efficiency ratings (Energy Performance Certificate rating of D or below). In England, this includes council tax bands A-D, while in Scotland and Wales, it encompasses council tax bands A-E. These households often struggle to keep their homes adequately heated during the colder months, leading to high energy bills.

Substantial Savings on the Horizon

Families eligible for the Great British Insulation Scheme can expect significant savings. Upgrades such as roof, loft, or cavity wall insulation can reduce annual energy bills by an average of £300 to £400. This extra support will make a substantial difference in the lives of many, especially those on the lowest incomes.

The Great British Insulation Scheme expands support beyond existing government-funded programs. Its eligibility criteria encompass a wider range of households, ensuring that more people in need receive the assistance they require to make their homes more energy efficient.

Online Checker Tool for Eligibility

To facilitate easy access to the scheme, an online checker tool has been launched. This tool allows potential beneficiaries to check their eligibility by answering a series of questions about their homes, heating methods, and financial situation. Depending on their responses, users will be referred to their energy supplier for support under the Energy Company Obligation Scheme or the Great British Insulation Scheme, or to their local council for the Home Upgrade Grant.

Long-Term Energy Efficiency

The government’s focus on improving energy efficiency in homes is part of a broader effort to combat fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions. Over the years, there has been significant progress, with a rise in homes with Energy Performance Certificate ratings of C or above, from 14% in 2010 to 47% in 2022.

Support Beyond Insulation

In addition to the insulation upgrades provided by the Great British Insulation Scheme, the Energy Company Obligation scheme continues to offer free home energy efficiency improvements like heat pumps and solar panels to low-income families.

A Step Towards Energy Security and Climate Goals

Improving the energy efficiency of homes is crucial for addressing both the energy crisis and climate emergency. It reduces the demand for fossil fuels, resulting in lower energy bills, decreased carbon emissions, and enhanced energy security. The launch of the Great British Insulation Scheme is a timely development, offering financial support for insulation measures as winter approaches.

Mike Thornton, Chief Executive of the Energy Saving Trust, emphasizes the importance of energy efficiency in addressing these challenges, making the scheme a welcome step forward as the UK heads into the colder months.

Source: Gov[Dot]UK

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