Unofficial list of highest paid referees, updated daily.


Find out what referees still make the greatest percentage of their income; which is sponsorship in this very informative blog article.

Unofficial List

This list is updated each day and will be called “The Unofficial List of Highest Paid Soccer Referees”; but that doesn’t mean that the list is unofficial. In fact, it has been verified by some very reputable sources like Forbes. The highest paid soccer referees in the world play international tournaments with teams like Manchester United or Real Madrid. Many notable domestic leagues also pay their top officials state pensions while they are still active as well. Mark Clattenburg’s salary is $650,000 per season, according to the contract. As a result, he is currently the highest-paid referee in the world.

RefereeCategoryBasic Salary per matchCountry
Damir SkominaElite panel$10,000Solvenia
Cüneyt ÇakırElite panel$10,000Turkey
Björn KuipersElite panel$10,000Netherlands
Dr. Felix BrychElite panel$10,000Germany
Clément TurpinElite panel$10,000France
Danny MakkelieElite panel$8,000Netherlands
Antonio Mateu LahozElite panel$8,000Spain
Daniele OrsatoElite panel$8,000Italy
Gianluca RocchiElite panel$8,000Italy
William CollumElite panel$8,000Scotland

What makes a high earner?

While “high income” is a subjective phrase, a high yield is more clearly defined. The following salary list contains annual salaries and how much people anywhere in the world earn. World soccer referees range from some of the lowest-paid referees who earn less than £500 per month; to those with an annual salary of €50 million (£43 million).

Who are the top earners?

The Premier League is home to the best footballers and is one of the top five sporting competitions in the world. With this in mind, it is not surprising that highly-paid paid officials are sought after. The list of highest paid referees includes some of those with good appearances at club level; but also those that are current or former players themselves.

Which leagues are paying their referees the most?

A number of leagues, both internationally and nationally, have been paying their referees quite a bit more than the industry average, but which leagues are paying the most? This article, updated daily, will show you all that information.

How do referees typically earn?

Referees are typically paid with a few factors taken in to consideration. These include the NBA finals that their officiating crew officiated and years of experience. In some instances; superstars referee for $25K less than other referees due to the fact that they are not as experienced in officiating.

Preferences for Refereeing Types

When selecting a referee for your match, consider whether you feel more comfortable with one dedicated official or two officials. There is also the convenience of offering the other team possible options on choosing the referee; the degree to which they choose your referee and if they prefer to be released from their duties.


Check out this website for the list of highest paid referees, updated daily. NCAA, Arena Referees. Professional and National Arena Football League salaries disclosed by IRS in 2013.

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