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What are the 2 principles of child safeguarding?

Any measure taken to improve the welfare of children and protect them from harm is known as safeguarding.

Safeguarding procedures are important in order to protect children. The focus is on protecting children who have suffered or are at risk of experiencing serious damage. The following sentence outlines child protection guidelines on how to handle concerns about a young person.

There are two principles of child safeguarding:

  1. Protecting children from abuse and exploitation
  2. Promoting the welfare of children

The first principle is about protecting children from abuse and exploitation. This includes physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, also neglect. It also includes things like human trafficking, forced labor, and child soldiers.

The second principle is about promoting the welfare of children. This includes things like providing access to education, health care, and other basic needs. It also includes protecting children from harmful environments, like poverty, conflict, and exploitation.

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