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What is classed as a vulnerable child?


Child protection agencies and professionals generally have a broad definition of what constitutes a vulnerable child. This can include children who are living in poverty, children who are victims of abuse or neglect, children with special needs, or children who are unaccompanied minors.

as each child is unique and may face different vulnerabilities. However, there are some characteristics that can make a child more vulnerable than others. These can include being part of a minority or disadvantaged group, having a disability or chronic health condition, living in poverty or being exposed to violence or other traumatic experiences.

If you are concerned about a child in your life, it is important to pay attention to any warning signs that they may be struggling. These can include changes in behaviour, mood or performance at school, withdrawing from friends or activities, or exhibiting self-harmful behaviours.

While each professional or agency may have their own definition, there are some common characteristics that are often used to identify vulnerable children. These include:

– Being from a minority or disadvantaged background

– Having special needs or medical conditions

– Experiencing abuse or neglect

– Living in poverty

– Being an unaccompanied minor

A vulnerable child is a term used to describe a child who is more likely to suffer from abuse, neglect or exploitation. There are a number of factors that can make a child vulnerable, including being orphaned, having a disability, living in poverty or being a member of a minority group. Unfortunately, vulnerable children are often the targets of child traffickers and other criminals.

If you are concerned about a child you know who may be vulnerable, the best course of action is to reach out to a professional or child protection agency for help.

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