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10 Interesting Fun Facts about Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein is to most people the epitome of genius. Let’s take a closer look at ten interesting fun facts about this famous showman of science and see how much we actually know about his background!

Albert Einstein, Brief Biography

Albert Einstein is one of the most famous physicists in the world. He was born on March 14, 1879 and died on April 18, 1955. Albert Einstein gained his fame from being a professor at Princeton University for over two decades. His work included discovering the theory of relativity and developing what became known as the theory of quantum mechanics.

10 Misconceptions of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of the most famous scientists of all time. His theory on relativity was revolutionary and he developed it while still in his twenties. However, he wasn’t always a great scientist. In fact, people often misjudged him because they only knew about his theories and not much else. Here are 10 misconceptions about Albert Einstein that are still perpetuated today.

  1. He was a pacifist You’ve probably heard of Einstein’s theory of relativity, but you may not know that it was actually the result of his pacifism. By this time in his life, Einstein was promoting nonviolence and fighting against the war machine. It’s no wonder that he became such a prominent figure in the anti-war movement because of this belief.
  2. He was an atheist Many people believe that Albert Einstein is an atheist, but he wasn’t one. At all times during his life, he held a belief in God. He even wrote a letter to his estranged son at one point where he stated that he would pray for him during the war.
  3. His theory of relativity was based on black holes According to some people, Einstein’s theory of relativity was actually created to describe black holes. This misconception is largely due to what many people believe are the two facts that Einstein was a physicist, and that the theory of relativity is difficult (and sounds like something only scientists would understand). However, Einstein’s theory of relativity was actually created before the discovery of black holes. In fact, Einstein didn’t even know what a black hole was at the time. Knowledge of black holes was established in the late 1930s, and Einstein died in 1955.
  4. He liked to play golf According to some people, many famous scientists are golfers. This is not true for Albert Einstein. In fact he hated it so much that he wrote an entire letter to his friend on the subject.
  5. Einstein was a vegetarian Einstein wasn’t actually a vegetarian, but he did say that he didn’t eat meat because he found it to be cruel. He also said that every time he saw a chicken being slaughtered, it made him feel physically ill.
  6. He tried to find proof of God in the universe Albert Einstein went on an expedition with the famous astronomer Edwin Hubble to attempt to find proof of God in the universe. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful and never returned with any evidence they were looking for.
  7. He had a pet cat Albert Einstein, who was a confirmed cat lover, once had and lived with a Siamese named Tiger. He also owned a dog named “Puppy.”
  8. He lost an eye As an infant, he lost his right eye after being hit by a soccer ball at the age of just two years old. His bad eye didn’t hamper his abilities in any way, however; he learned to write left-handed when he was a young boy.
  9. He was a devout atheist Though he never attended church, he did read the Bible every day. He once said that “the great achievement of modern science is to have pushed God out of the way and know the laws of nature so well that we can understand what used to be thought to be eternal.”
  10. He was offered $50,000 for his theories There were various experiments done on Einstein after his death in 1955, because of his theories about gravity, including one in which a grand piano was dropped from a plane to prove the theory of relativity. Because of this, Einstein’s brain wasn’t intact enough to be studied.

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