4 Helpful Tips for Improving Your Mental Health by Changing Instagram Usage


As social media has grown in popularity, the negative effects on mental health have become more and more prevalent. This article will help you examine your Instagram use and make some changes that can help improve your mental health.

What are the benefits of unfollowing people on Instagram?

Some people unfollow others to avoid being triggered, while others need the break from social media altogether. If you are looking for a less influenced view of your feed, unfollowing is an option. You can also see more of your friends’ posts by following them instead of scrolling through your feed.

How to set your Instagram preferences

With the right settings, you can make Instagram a more enjoyable and supportive space. You can do this by going to “Settings,” clicking on “Preferences,” and selecting the following:
-Take a mental health break from Instagram
-Turn off in-app notifications
-Turn off push notifications

The dangers of tapping

Social media is often a way to keep up with what’s happening in the world. But there are some important things you should know about social media before you start scrolling. For one, it can be hard to resist tapping “next” on timelines. This behavior may not seem dangerous at first, but it can actually lead to an addiction. And if you’re not careful, social media use can have various negative effects on your mental health.

What are the drawbacks of quitting social media

There are many mental health benefits associated with social media, including a positive social comparison effect. Social media also increases feelings of well-being by connecting us with people we care about and keeping us informed on the world. In addition, it can provide a distraction from stressors in our lives.
However, there are several disadvantages to using social media as well. For example, there is a high risk of addiction to the dopamine release that comes from scrolling through feeds and likes. Additionally, social media could affect your sleep patterns – for instance, frequent checking of notifications before bed can lead to difficulties falling asleep due to a state of mind called “techno arousal”.

How to limit your screen time on Instagram

Many Instagram users are aware of the addictive nature of the app. The company has recently implemented changes to limit the number of hours spent on the app per day, but it’s still easy for someone to spend an unhealthy amount of time scrolling through posts.
The best way to cut back your screen time is to take a break from social media altogether. Don’t worry – there are plenty of other apps you can use to stay connected with friends and family!

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