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₹715.97 Crore Allocated for Jhajra-Asharori Link Road Development Says Nitin Gadkari

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Uttarakhand is set to witness a transformative development with the approval of ₹715.97 Crores for the Jhajra-Asharori Link Road. Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, shared this significant announcement, highlighting the road’s strategic importance in the region.

Strategic Linkages: Bridging Key Sections

The Jhajra-Asharori Link Road spans 12.17 kilometers, strategically connecting the Paonta Saheb-Ballupur-Dehradun section with the Delhi-Dehradun access-controlled highway along National Highway 72A. This linkage not only facilitates smoother travel between these vital sections but also promises to play a crucial role in regional connectivity and accessibility.

Bypassing Dehradun: Alleviating Congestion and Pollution

One noteworthy aspect Nitin Gadkari emphasized is the road’s function as a bypass for Dehradun City. This feature is expected to address longstanding challenges related to traffic congestion and pollution in the urban center. By diverting traffic away from the city, the Jhajra-Asharori Link Road aims to enhance the overall quality of life for residents while promoting sustainable urban development.

Commitment to Sustainable Development

The allocation of ₹715.97 Crores underscores the government’s commitment to fostering sustainable development in Uttarakhand. The investment in infrastructure enhances regional connectivity and sets the stage for economic growth and prosperity.

A Roadmap to Progress

The sanctioned funds for the Jhajra-Asharori Link Road development mark a significant milestone in Uttarakhand’s journey towards progress. Nitin Gadkari’s announcement reflects a commitment to addressing infrastructure needs and creating pathways for sustainable and efficient transportation. As the project unfolds, it holds the promise of transforming the physical landscape and contributing to the region’s broader economic and environmental goals.

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