Block Board – How it works


Board Game Block is a family-friendly game promoting hand and eye coordination, pattern recognition, and problem solving skills. It helps reinforce literacy by encouraging children to read the rules of the game before playing.

What is Block Board?

Blocks Board is a design tool developed by OMRIX. Blocks Board allows users to create geometric terrains with brightly colored blocks. Once the terrain is highlighted, the user can manipulate these blocks in order to produce different forms or shapes. The software was created for architects; and constructors who have been looking for a new way to build and design buildings.

One of the main features of this program; is that anyone can create an object using its user-friendly interface and simple tools. There are many tutorials on how to use Blocks Board available online; as well as YouTube videos on how to go about making a landscape in the program.

How does it work?

Block Board is a type of special construction tile; that has a little bit more of its length and width than standard tiles. The idea is snap it into place anywhere on the floor. Timer boards hook up to Block Board and control each component; along with the time load cycle in order to help create smoother workplace floors or make it easier to teach dance moves.

Block Board is a great product for anyone who needs to perform cut, engross, epoxy, level and grout services. Whether it be for your personal home undertaking or the commercial / industrial flooring market; Block Board offers a unique balance of affordability and exceptional performance.

When you get your first board how to connect?

There are a couple different ways to connect your first Block Board. The first way is to simply sign up on the website and buy a pre-assembled cable kit. This will get you started on light boards, with the option for upgrades later on in the process. There’s also an App for Android set to release for free that will allow solo boarders to easily share footage of their adventures without much hassle.

Lastly, you can use Bluetooth to connect your device wirelessly and ride local spots throughout the world using Blockboarding If you want to connect your board for the first time, switch it on and then hold tight. The lights will move to show you that it is ready to go. It might be tempting to let go of the belt, but please resist the urge because some components will get powerup if they touch metal.


Board game pieces can be made with construction paper, template, and stickers. Design your board using markers that contrast the colors from each player’s pieces. Put the board on a white surface and let your kids color the markings in with markers by touching the surface of the board. Then let them try to figure out how to make their piece moves on their own.

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