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Do you sometimes regret certain decisions of your life or do you blame the universe for all the miseries you are trapped in? Have you realised the fact that when we go down the memory lane and think about the mistakes in our life, the thoughts of “Perhaps I would have done that way” or “Perhaps I wouldn’t have done it” also strike in parallel. This is nothing but our mind’s ability to distinguish between the right and wrong and still not able to make the right decision due to lack of emotional courage. This happens mostly when we are not mentally strong and may be yet not reach our extreme mental potential.  

Now, in both the aforesaid cases, we can tweak ourselves and can live the life we always wanted by few changes in our mental as well as physical habits. Here you go.

Don’t Overthink

Overthinking can not only manipulate your thoughts but also it can lead to an inactive lifestyle. Either you want to soak yourself in the negative thoughts all the time or you enjoy thinking about your negative experiences. This cultivates a sorrowful heart. If you really want to think, then memorise the positive events of your life too. This may bring a smile and encourage you to quit your negative thoughts. 

Let The Bygones Be Bygones

You need to understand that life is a platter of emotional events. It serves you all the feelings that can give you both positive and negative experiences. Forget the past that has some sorrow patches.  Remember, what has gone, has gone. There ain’t any time travel to rectify this. So, if life has given lows, it definitely has or will give you high too. But don’t tag the sorrowful past with you. Give people and yourself a second chance, Make sure this time you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Accept Your Mistakes

It takes a big courage to say “I was wrong”. You always know that you were wrong at certain places but may be situational or ego barriers are not allowing your heart to accept it. It is perfectly all right to confess your mistakes. A simple ‘SORRY’ can flip the ship. Accepting mistakes can solve grudges and give you a sense of satisfaction and greatness too. 

Welcome The Changes

Sometimes, little changes in our situations can bring drastic mental changes. Remember that Change Is The Only constant. Things will change and they will change you too. Go with the flow. Don’t be rigid or stuck at the same place. Sometimes easiness may let you be taken for granted but in that scenario, draw the line asap. Even if someone around you is changing for good and this somewhere is impacting you, support them. For eg. if your wife has decided to exercise in the morning and this is delaying your breakfast, then join her in the kitchen. 

Don’t Waste Your Time In Negative Surroundings

Avoid NEGATIVE PEOPLE. These kinds of people can indulge you in bad habits and always are an obstacle in your mental growth. People who talk about failures not growth, people who pressurise or encourage you towards bad habits are hazardous. Distance yourselves from the. Like if a person is drinking too much and you are accompanying him, you definitely would go beyond your drinking limits and this is not good. So add positive people in your circle and see the change.

Believe In Yourself

There is nothing impossible in this possible world because the word impossible itself says, I’M POSSIBLE. If you have decided to do it, you can do it. Trust yourself. Take positive risks. Everyone is an engineer with his own personality. Stand with and for the right. Don’t agree to anything which you feel is wrong from inside. Come forward and voice out your opinion. Be the change you want to be. Encourage others and if one life changes for good because of you, assume that you have accomplished something bigger. 

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