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Dense Fog Blankets Punjab: Caution Advised as Visibility Drops Below 50 Meters

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Punjab finds itself under a thick blanket of dense fog, with visibility plummeting to less than 50 meters as of 0830 hrs IST on December 21st. This weather phenomenon has prompted authorities to issue a cautionary alert, urging residents and travelers to take necessary precautions.

The dense fog, characterized by its low visibility conditions, poses potential risks to road and air travel. Motorists are advised to drive at reduced speeds, use fog lights, and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Pedestrians are encouraged to exercise increased vigilance when navigating roads.

The meteorological department has emphasized the need for individuals to stay informed about weather updates and follow safety guidelines. Travel plans may need to be adjusted to accommodate the challenging weather conditions, and delays in transportation are anticipated.

Dense fog can significantly impact air travel, leading to disruptions and delays. Passengers scheduled to fly are advised to check with airlines for any potential changes to their flight itineraries. Pilots are equipped to handle such conditions, but caution is paramount.

“While the foggy weather can create an enchanting atmosphere, it is essential to prioritize safety. This includes using headlights and fog lights, avoiding unnecessary travel, and staying informed about local advisories”.

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