Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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False Claims on ‘Teach Official’ YouTube Channel: No Free Laptops Scheme by PM Modi in 2024

Misinformation continues to be a prevalent issue on social media platforms, with various channels disseminating unverified claims. Recently, the ‘Teach Official’ YouTube channel released a video asserting that the “PM Modi Free Laptop Scheme 2024” will provide economically disadvantaged students with free laptops. However, a fact-check by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) reveals that this information is entirely false.


The ‘Teach Official’ YouTube channel, known for educational content, recently shared a video claiming that Prime Minister Modi is set to launch a new initiative, the “PM Modi Free Laptop Scheme 2024.” According to the video, this scheme aims to provide free laptops to financially challenged students as a part of an effort to enhance digital access to education.


Contrary to the claims made in the video, the Press Information Bureau has officially debunked this information. The central government is not running any such scheme, and there is no plan to distribute free laptops to economically weaker students under the mentioned program.

Verifying Information:

In an era where information spreads rapidly through social media channels, it is crucial to verify claims before accepting them as facts. The PIB has played a significant role in dispelling false narratives and ensuring that citizens have accurate information.

Consequences of Misinformation:

Misleading information can have severe consequences, leading to unwarranted expectations and confusion among the public. In this case, students and their families might anticipate benefits from a non-existent scheme, creating unnecessary disappointment.

It is essential for the public to be cautious about the information they consume and to fact-check claims from reliable sources. The ‘Teach Official’ YouTube channel’s video claiming the existence of the “PM Modi Free Laptop Scheme 2024” has been confirmed as false by the PIB. Citizens are encouraged to rely on official announcements and verified sources to stay informed about government initiatives and policies.

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