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Few Lies About Facebook You Need To Stop Believing


Some of the most common lies about Facebook you need to stop believing include “Facebook can make you rich,” “Facebook is safe,” and “You have to have a Facebook account for your business.” Learn the truth about these claims in this article!

Facebook Privacy

The Facebook privacy fiasco is one I am sure most of us are familiar with. Social media platforms have this unfortunate tendency to make their users feel like they’re being unfriendly or that they’re not sharing enough when it’s sometimes the opposite. People are using Facebook less and less, but there are still many who believe that the social media platform has a lot of potential for people to be more open and honest with each other. And these people couldn’t be more wrong.

Do You Really Need the News Feed?

The news feed on Facebook is a feature of the website that can be seen by all of your friends. The purpose of the news feed is to provide updates and information on what your friends are doing. This includes posting pictures, notes, and messages to each other. Some people believe they need their news feed to stay updated on what’s going on in the lives of their friends because it helps them decide who they want to be friends with. Others don’t like the fact that it keeps them up-to-date with what is going on in their friend’s personal lives. Perhaps they choose not to be friends with people whose lives revolve around social media!

How to Block Someone on Facebook

The best way to ignore someone on Facebook is simply to block them. Simply go to the person’s profile, find the three dots on the top right-hand corner of their cover image, and click it. The person will then be blocked from your page and you won’t be able to see their updates, posts, or share anything with them. How to Unblock Someone on Facebook. If you want to unblock someone on Facebook after blocking them, you can do so by simply going back to that person’s profile and then clicking the icon in their cover photo. From there, click the “Unblock” option, and that person will be able to contact you once again.

Lies About Facebook

Some people believe that Facebook is a tool for censorship and surveillance. They also think that everyone is on Facebook, so there is less privacy. In reality, the opposite is true. There are more than two billion people who are not on Facebook, so you do have your privacy. There is also a group of people who use it as a tool to scam others out of money or to cheat in games such as “Farmville.”

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