Fun Facts About Masala Chowk


There’s not just one menu covered in Masala Chowk. From its incredible Mughlai biryani to the many Indo-Chinese dishes that range from nihari and navratna meals, this restaurant is for foodies of all flavors. Jaipur truly is the Food Capital, representing the state seen through its many varieties of cuisine here.

Things to Explore in Masala Chowk

You don’t have to rely on a full day of wandering around or standing in line. Masala Chowk Jaipur offers an entire street of colorful dishes and drinks from all the mills and popular eateries.

A Jaipur-based startup, Masala Chowk Jaipur has been conceptualized keeping today’s time-starved individual in mind. This unique concept is a mixture of the street snacks, food outlets, restaurants and themes. The most interesting facet is that you can have 15 different themes to choose from!

Although it started out as a food court that connects street food stalls, Fun facts about Masala Chowk has now lived up to its name, partnering retailers and vendors to make one bustling attraction. It is an amazing experience with the open-air arcade that attracts thousands of people from around the city.

Jaipur, the Jewel of Rajasthan is shining bright with new additions to famed Masala Chowk. This colorful destination is renowned for its local and mainstream cuisines that delight every palette. The attractions not only extend beyond the food, but also offer entertainment which has gathered more and more fans everyday. Of course, it doesn’t hurt matters that the place is affordable either.

Masala Chowk Location

Locating the Masala Chowk is very easy. It is situated in Ram Niwas Garden, just behind the monument, Albert Hall.

How to Reach Masala Chowk

It is 1.5 km, or about hour and a half away from the famous Albert Hall Museum on google maps. From the ticket counter of the Albert Hall, we need to walk south from our current position. As soon as you enter the street called Masala Chowk, you can feel my city center is just one block away.

Masala Chowk Timings

Check out our guide to using Masala Chowk to plan your Jaipur itinerary. The best time to visit this famous hangout is in the daytime or early evenings to avoid the crowd.

Masala Chowk Entry Fees

They charge Rs 10 per person to take part in a quiz

More food options at Masala Chowk

  • Samrat
  • Ramakrishna Kalkatti Chaat
  • Somilal Rawat Misthan Bhandar
  • Gopal Singh Patasi Bhandar
  • Shankar Samosa
  • Sethani Ka Dhaba
  • Indian Ice Cream Faluda
  • Raman Dosawala
  • Shri Jharkhand Nath Poha and Chaat
  • Gulabji Chaiwala
  • Delhi Chaat and Cafe
  • Prem Prakash Samosa
  • Wah Banna!
  • Bhagat Misthaan Bhandar
  • Brijwasi Falooda Kesar Kulfi
  • Pawanaa Rajasthani Vyanjan
  • Jaipuri Chatkaraa
  • House on Fire
  • Andewalaz
  • Mahaveer Rabdi Bhandar
  • Ice Cream and shakes

Here, the eateries offer a variety of food items like Chaats, Ice Cream, Falooda, Kulfi, Samosa, Kachori, Poha frozen dish, Tea and Rajasthani cuisine.

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