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Fun Facts About Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, physicist, engineer and futurist who is most famous for his contributions to the design of modern alternating current (AC) electricity. In 1892 Tesla demonstrated the rotating magnetic field theory of electromagnetism – this became the basis for AC power generation and transmission. This article will cover 10 interesting facts about nikola tesla including some of his scientific discoveries and thoughts on his impact on humanity.

Nikola Tesla’s Early Days

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor and engineer. He is famous for inventing several electrical devices, including AC induction motors, transformers, and the Tesla coil. He also made contributions to the fields of optics, X-ray technology, radio broadcasting, robotics and nuclear physics. Tesla was also an early leader of the wireless telegraphy and radio communication industry.Tesla was born in Smiljan, Lika, (then part of the Austrian Empire) in 1856. His father was a Serbian Orthodox priest at the church in Gospic. In 1875, Nikola Tesla graduated from the Polytechnic Institute of Gospic with an engineering degree. Tesla then worked for two years as an engineer for Western Electric. In 1878 he left to study different electrical systems in Europe, including the English electrical system and dynamos of Thomas Edison.

In 1878 Tesla returned to the United States and began working for E. H. Johnson in Chicago. In 1880 he moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado where he worked for a firm that built devices for the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Here he invented a high-frequency induction motor (1882) which was not practical for generating large voltages; but it was used as a motor drive in early automobile applications such as head-light and horn systems. In 1884 Tesla became an engineer at George Westinghouse’s Electric Lighting Company in Pittsburgh, where he designed and built transformers, alternators and high-frequency induction motors for Westinghouse’s power stations.

He also developed a polyphase system of alternating current (AC) distribution for the company, but this never went into commercial use. In 1886 he was made head of Westinghouse’s AC developments department. Here he discovered a “devil’s dance” in the operation of transformers. He initially investigated the cause of this, but was unable to trace it to any particular factor. He had a discussion on the topic with his superior and assistant superintendent Charles Newton, who had come from coal mining. Newton suggested that since miners could dig through rock without using dynamite and usually with much less effort than with dynamite, Tesla’s idea made as much sense as Newton’s explanation – that the “devil’s dance” was caused by the explosive gases produced by the dynamite. The discussion led Tesla to the suggestion that the problem might be due to an instability in the magnetizing coil itself, which was a “washout” winding of wire around the iron core.

What He Did For Humanity

Nikola Tesla is known for many inventions, but he also changed the world with some of his greatest achievements. He shared his passion for science and invention with the world which led to many others taking a great interest in science as well. Some of his inventions include alternating current, the Tesla coil, and fluorescent lighting.

His Death and Legacy

Tesla died penniless in 1943 but his legacy lives on. He never patented any of his inventions and much of their success came from the US Patent Office granting him an honorary patent in 1938 for the “Tesla Effect”. As a result of his non-patenting, Tesla’s intellectual property has been increasingly exploited by others. The ‘Tesla coil’ is one of the most well known! He was also a brilliant electrical engineer and physicist with an uncanny mathematical gift for theorizing about magnetism and electricity. Nikola Tesla’s genius enabled him to conceive radio technology and transmitters capable of transmitting any form of energy with incredible power. His later inventions made use of this principle such as wireless transmission and radar, giving him the title of “The father of radio”.

His most famous invention, however, was the Tesla Coil, a device which created and projected electrical impulses. It can be used to fire balls of plasma, sparks, or even tesla-like bolts of lightning! In his later years Tesla’s health suffered greatly and he died in 1943 at the age of 86. He is often said to have been one of the greatest inventors in history but this is not entirely true. He developed many important theories but never successfully built them into a successful device. He was a very stubborn man who had to be convinced to change his mind. He did not like being wrong and it took him decades to recognize the mistakes he made in his experiments. The fact that he invented many things like wireless transmission, radar, and even the Tesla Coil while he continued to build tubes full of coils is a testament to his genius though not the kind you might have come across in many history books.



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