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Goa Liberation Day

Last updated on July 29th, 2023 at 04:06 pm

Every year, the state of Goa celebrates Goa Liberation Day on December 19th. It commemorates the day when the Indian armed forces fought against the Portuguese rulers and freed the state from pro-longed possession in 1961. Goans consider the day to be very important. India has a total of 28 states, Goa being one of the smallest. It is spread out over 250 miles south of Mumbai.

It was once ruled by the Portuguese for 450 years. During that time, the day accomplished the independence of India as it was the only part ruled by the Portuguese. Acknowledge Goa Liberation Day, people with a variety of events & activities. This year, on December 19th, the state will have been independent for 61 years.

Goa Liberation Day is observed as a public holiday throughout the province. People celebrate the day on 19th December every year with pride & enthusiasm to commemorate Goa’s liberation from Portuguese dominance. Be sure to know the history and importance of the day. The Goa Liberation Day commemorates the day when the state was freed from Portuguese rule.

The state of Goa, with its capital Panaji, is enclosed by the states of Karnataka & Maharashtra. It became a part of India after getting freed from Portuguese dominance and was officially given statehood by the government in 1987. After India procured freedom on August 15, 1947, Goa continued to be ruled by the Portuguese for around 450 years.

When the Portuguese started colonizing parts of India and showed their rigid hold over Goa and other Indian territories, it was even when India became free from the Britishers. After numerous failed negotiations and diplomatic efforts with the rulers, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru called for military intervention and sent Indian armed forces to attack under “Operation Vijay”, meaning “Victory”. The coastal state gained its liberation on December 19, 1961, within 36 to 40 hours of the Portuguese surrender. Major General K P Candeth administered the whole operation and was later selected as the military Governor of Goa. This is how the Goa Liberation Day 2022 came into existence.

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