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How to Convert Your Photo Into a WhatsApp Sticker


Have you ever wanted to create a sticker out of one of your photos? Now you can with this easy guide!

The Importance of Photo Stickers

An important new feature for WhatsApp was introduced in the latest release of the app. This new feature is photo stickers, which enables users to turn their photos into stickers that can be used on their chats. The application is becoming more and more popular among people who need to share content quickly without having to go through all of the hassle of typing out a long message.

How to Convert Your Photo Into a WhatsApp Sticker

If you have a photo that you want to use as a WhatsApp Sticker, there are a few steps you can take to convert it into something your friends will love. With the help of apps like PicsArt, there are many options for editing your images, which you can browse through on the app’s website. As for what type of stickers to use with your photos, try looking through some of the designed sticker packs on PicsArt’s website.

How to Add a Photo Sticker on WhatsApp

Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone, and open the app. Tap on the plus sign if you’re using a Plus or older model phone, or tap on the three dots if you’re using an Android One, Xolo, or One Plus One. Select “Stickers” from the list of apps and then select “Add.” Select “Photos.” Now find and select your photo.

Other Ways to Use Photo Stickers on WhatsApp

When your friends want to send you a special message or just show their support, then you can use photo stickers on WhatsApp. You’ll find that this is a really easy way to say something without the need for words. If you’re not comfortable with sending photos on WhatsApp, then you can also use text stickers – just open the chat and type the body of the message in lowercase letters.


The article discusses how to convert a photo into a WhatsApp sticker.

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