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How to strengthen your memory ?

The best way to keep your memory strong is to keep your mind and body healthy. Proper nutrition is really important. You must have heard your grandma asking you to have four almonds daily. Well! That’s true, one must always consume a healthy and balanced diet. Almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, raisins, dates keep your mind healthy and therefore strengthens your memory.

The most important of all is a healthy mind which is possible only with the help of a healthy lifestyle. The ways to improve your living are given below:

1. Sleep –

Proper sleep is required to keep your mind stress-free and relived. There are so many things going on in your unconscious mind that you tend to forget things. Thinking negative and repetitive thoughts can adversely affect your personality and in turn your state of mind. If your mind is healthy you will automatically remember things well.

2. Exercise –

Daily exercising keeps your mind and body fit. It helps you to be relaxed. You can gather your thoughts and prepare a to-do list. A healthy state of mind will automatically keep your memory strong.

3. Meditation-

It is the best way to keep yourself cool and connected to God. It helps you fight stressful thoughts and situations and makes you mentally strong. The concentration power will increase leading to good memory and focus.

4. Nutrition-

Fish oil supplements are one of the best ways to strengthen your memory. Docosahexanoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid that is rich in algae and fatty fish. DHA has all the properties to keep the memory strong. My mother gives me and my brother one omega-3 capsule to eat daily.

Studies have found out that eating breakfast daily on time helps a student to perform better in its academics than those who skip their breakfast. Foods that fuel your brain are fruits, dairy products, grains, and a high-fiber diet.

It is always recommended eating a low-calorie diet in all your meals. Anti-calorie fruits like apple, pineapple, and berries should be preferred in your diet. Other foods which help you to be healthy and helps boost focus and memory are:

  • ·        Salmon
  • ·        Beetroots
  • ·        Pumpkin seeds
  • ·        Broccoli
  • ·        Turmeric
  • ·        Coconut oil
  • ·        Tomatoes

5. Stay away from social media-

It is okay to watch television shows or use social media platforms to a certain extent but exceeding that can be dangerous. It is found out that people feel jealous and less worthy of themselves. It creates a feeling of inferiority complex. Hence, it affects your mind badly.

Especially in teenagers, use of digital devices is the biggest reason for distraction. This impacts their professional life. They are not able to concentrate on the work allotted to them or remember things. God has gifted all of us with great minds but very few of us utilize it fully. Concentrating while studying or doing things is really vital. This is the biggest key to improve your memorizing power.

6. Understanding things and not cramming them-

Cramming the text is one of the biggest mistakes every child commits at any point in life. If you didn’t understand a concept in science or social studies, you start mugging it up a night before the exams. The next day you wake up and find everything vanishes. The reason you can’t remember it is simple i.e no clarity of the concepts.

Many children find Mathematics difficult, the reason here is also the same. One should focus on the concepts and not just memorizing the whole book like a parrot.

7. Prepare a To-Do List-

Many people find it difficult to remember their weekly or daily tasks. The best way to remember your work is by preparing a to-do list and marking a deadline for the same. Just try to prepare your timetable according to it.

You can also prepare a list of things which you often forget. Try to put charts on the wall to set a goal for the day and to do things. This will automatically train your brain for daily tasks and you won’t forget anything.

8. Try to Learn through Audios and Visuals

You must have noticed that when you listen to a song or watch a video you tend to remember it better. The same happens to me. It is difficult to read and learn. I used to and now also, cook a story in my mind to learn the text.

You can make a rhyme or a story to keep in your memory while exams. Due to the current situation, everything has become online and so have the studies. It can be a great opportunity for the students to learn and understand the text better as the videos have visuals and audio. Smart classes which were introduced in the offline classes have come online.


You should train your brain by playing games that require thinking and analytical skills. It will surely help you in concentrating better. Some of the examples of games that can be played are chess, puzzles, or a quiz. You should read newspapers or articles daily to learn new things You should get your vitamin D levels to get checked. It can also be a big reason for loss of memory or low memory power. You should reduce your diet containing fats and oils. Consuming alcohol is injurious to health and therefore to the brain as well. This results in memory weakness. You should always maintain a healthy weight. Most importantly just keep yourself happy to make your body and mind function well.  



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