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India’s Pataal Lok: A hidden world, 3000 feet below ground, still COVID-19 free.

Last updated on September 17th, 2023 at 04:45 pm

The 12 underground villages in India

We are talking about the 12 underground villages in India. These places are located 3000 meters below the surface of the earth. They are at a high altitude and sunlight hardly reaches here even during winters. The trees growing in these areas grow very dense and that’s why they look like the forests we see on the ground.

Discovered in 2008

In India, there is a network of tunnels. That has been used for over 3000 years. It was first discovered in 2008 by a group of Indian railroad workers. They were digging a tunnel through the mountain as part of a new line from Allahabad to Lucknow when they found something, anything, unexpected: an underground city with at least 200 rooms and corridors.

Mythological Reported

According to mythological sagas, this is the same spot where Lord Rama’s spouse Sita decided to go inside the earth. However, many people also think that when the demon Ahiravan lifted Lord Shri Ram and Lord Laxman and took them to ‘Pataal Lok’, then Lord Hanuman entered ‘Pataal Lok’ from here to save.

The area is known as Pataal-kot, and is located in the hills of Satpura. The treasure trove of medicinal plants is there, and most of the people living here are from the Bhuria tribe. This place has a large population of tribal communities, so most of them live in huts.

No contact with world

It is to be noted, that people of Pataal-kot fancy not to have much contact with the outside universe. They grow most of their foods in their villages and come out of the village only to purchase salt. Earlier, these 12 villages were completely cut off from the outside world. Recently some of these villages have been connected by road. People here are very simple.

The Nabarangpur district in Orissa, India is located 3,000 feet below the surface. The villages of Pataalkot are located in this deep valley. However, only a few years ago, some villagers came out of the deep valley and settled in the upper part of the hill.

You would be surprised to know that while the coronavirus (COVID-19) has killed thousands in the world. It has not even reached Pataalkot.

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