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Mission Shakti in UP: Anti-Romeo Squad Cracks Down on Harassers, Arrests Nearly 10,000

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Uttar Pradesh has taken a substantial stride towards ensuring the safety of women with the intensified efforts of the Anti-Romeo Squad. Over the last six months, the squad has been actively cracking down on individuals involved in activities that pose a threat to women’s security.

Impressive Numbers

The numbers are impressive – more than 30 lakh places have been raided, resulting in the registration of over 7,000 cases and the arrest of approximately 10,000 individuals. These statistics reflect the dedication and determination of the Anti-Romeo Squad to make public spaces safer for women.

The Force Behind the Squad

The Anti Romeo Squad comprises 1,678 teams that include 3,324 male personnel and 4,090 female police personnel. Their combined efforts have led to an extensive crackdown on potential offenders. The squad left no stone unturned, conducting checks at public places such as schools, intersections, markets, malls, and parks.

Dealing with Prostitutes

In addition to targeting potential harassers, the Anti Romeo Squad has taken strict action against prostitution. This has resulted in 7,563 cases being registered and 9,512 individuals being apprehended. The crackdown on prostitution is another significant aspect of the squad’s mission to ensure women’s safety.

A State-Wide Endeavor

The Anti-Romeo Squad’s actions are not limited to one region. In fact, they have been active throughout Uttar Pradesh, with different zones witnessing extensive efforts. According to DGP Vijay Kumar, the squad’s actions align with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s vision of providing a secure environment for daughters and women.

In total, 1,413 Anti-Romeo squads were activated across eight zones, involving 2,977 male police personnel and 3,499 female police personnel. These squads conducted checks at more than 25 lakh locations in 75 districts. The numbers speak for themselves, with 7,097 cases registered and 8,951 accused arrested. A staggering 44 lakh individuals received warnings from the squad.

Leading the Way

The Agra zone saw the highest level of activity, with checks conducted at 474,493 locations, leading to the surveillance of 12.73 lakh individuals. In this zone alone, 637 cases were registered, and 1,114 individuals were arrested. Other active zones include Bareilly, Lucknow, Varanasi, and Gorakhpur.

Commissionerates Join the Effort

The commitment to women’s safety extends to the commissioners as well. In seven commissioners of Uttar Pradesh, 265 Anti Romeo squads were activated, involving 347 male police personnel and 591 female police personnel. These squads checked more than 5.36 lakh places, leading to the identification and arrest of 561 individuals. A further 4.61 lakh individuals were issued warnings.

The Agra Commissionerate took the lead in commissionerate actions, with Lucknow, Kanpur, Gautam Buddha Nagar, and Ghaziabad following suit.

The Anti-Romeo Squad’s dedication to making public spaces safer for women is a commendable effort. These actions signify a significant step forward in enhancing women’s safety and security in Uttar Pradesh, providing a safer environment for all.

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