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Mission Shakti: “Yogi Government’s Surge in Police Jobs for Women”

In a significant move toward promoting women’s safety and awareness, the Uttar Pradesh Police is set to expand the scope of responsibilities for women-beat officers. The initiative, driven by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s vision, is part of the upcoming phase of Mission Shakti, scheduled to commence on October 15. The primary goal is to make women beat officers more proactive in their areas and enhance their engagement with the community.

Strengthening Community Connections

One of the key aspects of this expansion is to establish stronger connections between women-beat officers and the women in their respective areas. To facilitate this, officers will create WhatsApp groups to improve communication and outreach. Under the banner of “Shakti Didi,” UP Police aims to empower women, particularly in rural regions, by raising awareness about their rights and safety.

Leadership Roles in Police Stations

In response to the Chief Minister’s directives, the process of appointing female police station heads at additional police stations has already commenced across districts. This strategic move seeks to diversify leadership roles within the police force, fostering a more inclusive environment. An exemplar of this is the appointment of Lady Inspector Priyanka Singh as the head of the Sureri police station in SP Jainpur Ajay Pal Sharma’s jurisdiction.

Increasing the Number of Women Policemen

Over the last six years, Uttar Pradesh has witnessed significant recruitment in the police force, with over 1.55 lakh posts being filled, including positions for sub-inspectors and constables. Notably, this includes the recruitment of 22,184 women policemen. Presently, there are approximately 35,000 women officers, including 328 women inspectors, within the force.

Deploying Women Policemen for Public Safety

To increase the effectiveness of women officers in the field, they are now being deployed in the Public Response Vehicle (PRV) units of UP 112. This move aligns with the state’s decision to establish a women’s battalion of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC).

In preparation for the next phase of Mission Shakti, women police officers and personnel across police commissionerates and districts have received special training. They have been tasked with preparing women beat officers, referred to as “Shakti Didi,” in their respective regions. These officers will now conduct Chaupal sessions in their areas and offer counseling to victims in cases of crimes against women.

Addressing Challenges in Police Stations

During a recent law and order review meeting led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, police stations and districts with a backlog of public complaints were identified. Measures will be implemented to improve the performance of these stations and address public grievances effectively.

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