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Mizoram Legislative Assembly Election 2023: Key Insights and Electoral Dynamics

Mizoram Assembly Election 2023: The 2023 Mizoram Legislative Assembly election is set to play a pivotal role in the state’s political landscape, scheduled to run from the 13th of October 2023 to the 5th of December 2023. The electoral process aims to appoint all 40 members of the state’s Legislative Assembly, marking a significant moment in the state’s democratic journey.

Key Election Timeline and Voting Details

The polling day is earmarked for the 7th of November 2023, while the vital counting process is slated to unfold on the 3rd of December 2023. The intricate electoral machinery is geared to ensure a fair and transparent process for the electorate in Mizoram.

Tenure Conclusion and Previous Elections

The tenure of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly is expected to culminate on the 17th of December 2023, signifying the forthcoming end of the current governance framework. The antecedent assembly elections transpired in November 2018, leading to the Mizo National Front assuming power in the state, with Zoramthanga taking office as the Chief Minister.


Poll EventSchedule
Notification Date13 October 2023
Start of nomination13 October 2023
The last Date for filing a nomination20 October 2023
Scrutiny of nomination21 October 2023
Last Date for Withdrawal of nomination23 October 2023
Date of Poll7 November 2023
Date of Counting of Votes3 December 2023

Political Shifts and Anticipations

The upcoming elections bear the promise of potentially reshaping Mizoram’s political landscape, as voters prepare to exercise their democratic rights. The outcome will not only determine the future administration but also reflect the choices and aspirations of the citizens, influencing the trajectory of Mizoram’s governance.

The 2023 Mizoram Legislative Assembly election stands as a defining moment, marking the culmination of a rigorous democratic process. The impending elections are poised to chart the future course of policies and initiatives in the state, echoing the voice and will of the people in Mizoram.

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