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To make Govardhan at home, follow these steps.


People all over India are ready for celebration and gift shopping with only a few days left until Diwali. Diwali is a famous five-day festival that begins with Dhanteras, followed by Choti Diwali, Badi Diwali, and Govardhan Puja, and ends with Bhaiya Puja. These festivals are of great importance to all of us Hindus.

On Dhanteras, people buy precious metals and jewelery to mark auspiciousness and while on Bhai Dooj, they celebrate to deepen the brother-sister relationship. Celebrated a day after Diwali, Govardhan Puja involves worshiping Lord Krishna and Mount Govardhan. The name “Go-vardhan” comes from the words “go” meaning cow, and “vardhan” meaning nourishment.

It is said that, years ago on this day, to save all the inhabitants from the conspiracy of Lord Indra, Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan mountain on his little finger. This festival is celebrated as a day marking the importance and power of nature, as the Govardhan Parvat saved the lives of its residents on this day. On this special festival, fifty-six different types of bhog are offered by devotees who make a replica of Mount Govardhan.

A puja requires cow dung or soil, two sugarcane sticks, curd, raw milk, batasa, laddu, peda, roli, rice, earthen lamps, matches, and a silver coin. But the question is how to make Govardhan feel at home?

The main ingredient in Govardhan is cow dung, which comes from cow wealth. Dung from a cow. One should start by cleaning the area or the entire house where a Govardhan will be built. The puja is successfully completed only after the Govardhan is structured.

Make Govardhan at home by following these steps:-

1. Take cow dung, and shape it into a circle resembling someone’s face. After that, you can draw eyes, nose and other details with the help of a stick.

2. After the Govardhan Parvat’s dung composition dries, you can adorn them with an embellished crown, colorful clothes and ornaments.

3. The decoration of colorful flowers around the Govardhan mountain structure also looks beautiful. Can be decorated with marigold, jasmine, palash, lotus, hibiscus flowers, datura flowers, etc.

4. Because Lord Krishna is worshiped on this festival day, his favorite peacock feathers can also be used to decorate Govardhan.

5. Because Lord Krishna is worshiped on this festival day, his favorite peacock feathers can also be used to decorate Govardhan.

With our creativity, we can make and decorate our own beautiful Govardhan at home .

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