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Top Famous Quotes About Alcohol


“Should I stay or should I go?” – Frank Sinatra. Are you interested in alcohol? Save some of your favorite quotes about it on this list and quote them to yourself when you need a little boost.

Alcohol goes to the head of the table

Alcohol is a substance that impacts the body in many ways. It’s been shown to have positive and negative effects on the body, but at the end of the day, you can’t escape it. Alcohol is often thought to be an easy way to find happiness, whether it be through drinking with friends or alone. It’s also been known to increase one’s appetite and decrease their willpower.

Famous quotes about alcohol

“One good drunk is worth ten sober men.” – Ernest Hemingway
“I had a drink or two and got sick as a dog.” -Jack Kerouac
“Just because you’re handsome doesn’t mean you’re smart, it just means that people are stupid.” – Robert Benchley
“I’m not racist, I don’t like white people.” – Spike Lee
“…and all the drunks in between.”- John Waters
“I had a lot of good times, but I don’t regret any of it because we had so much fun.” -Eddie Vedder
“The best drink in the world is a clear conscience.”
“I can’t see any particular virtue in drinking or smoking anymore, but I do know that abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Success is a killer, but failure’s a killer too

Success is the killer, but failure’s a killer too. Those are two very powerful words that should not be taken lightly. The truth behind these powerful words is that they are always lurking in the back of every individual’s mind. We’ve all heard the quote “Success is a killer, but failure’s a killer too.” The deeper meaning of this quote can be found in the fact that success is not something we should crave. Success is not always good and there are many consequences that come with it. The quote speaks to our competitive nature, which can sometimes lead us to do anything for success, even if that means hurting ourselves or others.

I’ve never had insomnia since I started drinking

Alcohol has been around for centuries – long before people started to understand the effects of alcohol. From ancient times, people have drunk alcohol to get them through hard times and celebrate with it during happy times. But it is not just the drinking that makes alcohol famous. Famous quotes about drinking are everywhere, as well as famous drinkers themselves. There is no shortage of quotations on the subject of how alcohol affects us, or how we should approach our drinking habits.

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Some people drink until they can’t remember their own name

While there are a number of famous quotes from alcohol procured by the people who have used it, below are just ten of the most influential. Alcohol is a recreational drug. It is mainly consumed as a social activity. Many of the quotes below show that alcohol can often lead to negative emotions and regretful situations. All people are different, and some people drink only in moderation, while others abuse alcohol just like any other drug or substance.

It would be sad if we all died before we drank

Alcohol is a powerful drug that has been found most anywhere and in many forms, but it has a dark past. While there are many people who believe it to be an evil substance, there are also many more who believe that it can be used responsibly. It would be sad if we all died before we drank, so let’s take a look at some of the most famous quotes about alcohol. The world would be a much duller place without alcohol. There are so many different quotes about alcohol, which show how people have felt differently. From the oldest of days, people have had an opinion on alcohol and what it means to them.

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