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Am I Truly Happy?

We can’t keep others happy if we are not happy with ourselves. In this competitive world, we often forget to smile and thank life for this beautiful day. Compromises and sacrifices have made us a burdened soul. But, why not become the author of our own book? Do not control our own situations? Or Why not we can clear all the obstacles that are preventing us from living a happy life? 

Happiness Tutorial 101

To begin with, ask yourself honestly, “AM I REALLY HAPPY?”

Most of us will get NO for an answer. True it is because we cannot not lie to ourselves. And along with the answer, reasons will automatically come flooding in. 

I am living an ordinary life, My spouse doesn’t love me, My kids are out of control, My job sucks, I am always taken for granted and the list is endless. But do you know that these are not the reasons that are preventing you from being happy, these are ‘EXCUSES’. Happiness comes from within. So what if your spouse or kids don’t love you? Love yourself. So what if you have an unsatisfactory job? Change the job or yourself. As simple as that.

Can Change

Now, you must be thinking that it is all easier said than done. You can’t change your decades old persona and are satiated in current situations. Isn’t it? This is because you are afraid of the changes, you are afraid of taking that first step. You don’t want to break the stereotype. If this is so then why complain? 


You wish an angel to wave a magic wand and miracles to be happening. First of all, know that you are the tailor of your own coat. What you sow, so you reap. If you say nothing, people will take you for granted. This will be followed by the unwanted compromises and will lead yourself towards sadness or unhappiness. 

So, What Must You Do To Attain Peace?

We all want happiness and we don’t want to live without it. So don’t conquer all the battles in one day, begin with small significant changes in yourself.

Know Yourself

You know what makes you happy and sad. If you think you are not a tough or strong person, don’t try to be one in front of others. It is okay to be polite yet affirmative. If you think people will take you for granted if you show your gentle side then you are wrong. Never nod your head to please anyone. Remember that your opinion matters to you, not to anyone else. You must know your own potential and challenge yourself to exceed your positive limits. 

Be Optimistic

See good in situations or people. Pick the best possible conclusion out of every given situation. See the glass half full. Must remember that sometimes the darkness can lead you to the light of eternity. Don’t get stuck to any negative circumstances, try swimming against the waves. Maybe, it is worth it and even if the situation doesn’t change. You can’t complain of not trying to yourself. Try to pick the opportunities, instead of closing doors on them.

Make New Friends, Meet Older Ones

Friends are like air because they are everywhere. Don’t keep yourself boxed in your routine. Go Out. Talk to people. Be a good listener and speaker. Share your feelings with your loved ones. Make new friends to socialise. Keep yourself invested in productive tasks. Learn something new. Meditate to keep your mind calm.

It Is Never Too Late

Believe in your dreams and remember that there is no expiry date of achieving them. Don’t let your age or any situation bar you from becoming what you have always wanted to become. If you still don’t want to work, enrol yourself into a course. Online learning is a boon for knowledge-hungry people. Exercise your hobby. 

Put Yourself First

It is good to think about others but it is bad to leave yourself behind. Before making any decision, do think twice if that decision is impacting your life negatively. Voice out your expectations too. Be it a workplace or home, don’t stretch yourself too much. It is completely alright if you have not prepared a three course meal and watched your favourite serial instead. It is okay if you have not finished the given task and left early from your office to see your friends. Don’t feel guilty. 

Take Vitamin N (Nature)

Go for a walk, enjoy the sunset to sunrise, feel the air. Just spend some time alone under the sky. Feel mother nature and thank her for every positive thing you hold in your life. Show gratitude to others too. Include healthy meals in your diet. 

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