Sitting on a couch.. remote in your right and and plate full of fritters in the another one. You can’t believe you just ate all of that while watching an episode… Or may be you need a bar of chocolate as you just had an argument with your better half…

We often eat out of required capacity under certain circumstances, isn’t it? Either we are stressed or too happy, may be just to pass the time or accompanying someone on the table, Emotional Eating has become a part of our routine life.

“Every day brings a choice: To practice stress or to practice peace.”

Do we know that food is also a way to deal with our emotions? Stress, boredom, excitement, sadness and many other emotions can trigger your emotional eating. In emotional times, food becomes the source to distract us from out pain or it elevates the joy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is mandatory in these times especially when the pandemic knocks your door on every blue moon and in order to do that, we all must watch what is served in our plate. Emotional eating is bad and it causes more problems than it solves.

Are you an Emotional Eater?

Do you often feel like eating food right away? Does your craving starts while watching TV or after an argument or after any good news? You need to monitor your body’s demand for food and react accordingly. Certain emotions or situations can make us want food (unhealthy food most of the time) but we have to control the cravings and curtail down the portions we intake. It is you only who can identify the problem and bring solution to it.

How to overcome Emotional Eating?

First of all, you must know that excess of anything is harmful. Start saying NO…. Even to yourself too. You have to keep a check on your hunger trigger points. Like if stress makes you want food, focus on mind exercises like yoga and meditation. Keep your self engaged in multiple activities like gardening or DIYs if boredom makes you eat more. As already said, start saying NO.. Say no to yourself if you want extra piece of chocolate and say no your buddies who make you swore to eat more.

Alternatives of Excessive Eating

You can’t cut all your eating habits in just one day. It takes time to leave a habit and adopt a certain routine which is healthy. But, it is not impossible….. With little discipline and determination, you can curtail down all your excessive eating and live a healthy lifestyle. Replace eating with following activities if you really feel like to eat in following situations.

Stress – Meditate or talk to someone.
Happiness – Go out for a walk or engage yourself in any activity.
Boredom – Do something useful like gardening, cleaning or any other work.
When with buddies – Simply say NO if food is offered after you had filled your quota.
Yes, it is a bit tougher initially, but you can do it. You can start with taking mini meals and replace healthy meals with the cravings of any unhealthy food. Avoid being unhealthy food and focus more on self-control. Always remember, the way to greatness begins with one step…

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