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Fact Check: The Truth About ₹500 Notes with Star Symbols (*)

Truth About ₹500 Notes with Star Symbol: In recent times, a message has been circulating, causing concern among holders of ₹500 notes featuring a star symbol (*). The worry stems from the claim that these specific banknotes are counterfeit. Let’s delve into the facts and put your apprehensions to rest!

Fact-Checking the Claim: PIB to the Rescue!

The Press Information Bureau’s Fact Check team, #PIBFactCheck, has stepped in to address the circulating misinformation. According to their thorough investigation:

  • Claim Debunked: The assertion that ₹500 notes with a star symbol (*) are fake is unequivocally false.
  • Authenticity Confirmed: Star-marked (*) ₹500 banknotes have been in legitimate circulation since December 2016.

Understanding the Star Marked (*) ₹500 Banknotes

Legitimate Existence Since December 2016

Contrary to misleading information, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) introduced the star symbol (*) on ₹500 banknotes to distinguish reissued or relaunched currency. This practice has been in place for several years, and these notes are a valid part of the Indian currency landscape.

Enhanced Security Features

The star symbol (*) serves as an additional security feature, indicating a reprinted note with enhanced security measures. It signifies that the particular banknote has undergone a meticulous verification and approval process by the RBI.

Putting Your Worries to Rest

If you find yourself in possession of a ₹500 note with a star symbol (*), rest assured that it is a genuine and legally accepted currency note. The misinformation causing unnecessary anxiety has been debunked by the credible #PIBFactCheck team.

Conclusion: Verified and Valid!

In conclusion, the circulating message about the illegitimacy of ₹500 notes with a star symbol () is baseless. The Reserve Bank of India’s incorporation of the star symbol () is a deliberate and legitimate security measure. Hold onto your ₹500 notes with confidence, as they are a verified part of the Indian currency system.

Don’t let misinformation cloud your financial confidence! For more verified information, stay tuned to reliable sources, and remember, your star-marked (*) ₹500 note is indeed the real deal!

#PIBFactCheck has spoken, and the star symbol (*) on your ₹500 note is a mark of authenticity, not counterfeit!

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