Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Fake Job Offer Alert: PIB Fact Check Unmasks Scam Using National Career Services Identity

In a recent development, an alarming #fake email circulating under the guise of National Career Services (@NCSIndia) promises recipients a monthly stipend of ₹22,000 along with a welcome kit sent via speed post. However, a thorough investigation by PIB Fact Check has confirmed that this is indeed a scam.

Scam Unveiled:

The fraudulent email, claiming to be from National Career Services, attempts to lure individuals with the promise of financial benefits and a welcome kit. The public must be cautious and recognize the deceptive nature of such communications.

PIB Fact Check Verifies:

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) Fact Check team has unequivocally declared the email as a scam. National Career Services, a reputable organization, has officially stated that they do not send out any such emails offering financial incentives or welcome kits.

Key Points of PIB Fact Check:

  • ✔️ Scam Alert: The email circulating is a fraudulent attempt to deceive recipients.
  • ✔️ False Promise: The promise of ₹22,000 per month and a welcome kit is entirely fictitious.
  • ✔️ National Career Services Confirmation: The official stance from National Career Services is clear—such emails are not part of their communication practices.

Protect Yourself:

As scams become increasingly sophisticated, individuals need to exercise caution when receiving unsolicited emails. Avoid clicking on any links or providing personal information. Always verify the legitimacy of such communications with the official sources.

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