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False Claims Exposed: Chief Justice’s Displeasure and the EVM Video Hoax

In recent times, a video circulating on the #YouTube channel ‘SM Headlines’ has stirred controversy, claiming a glitch in the electronic voting machines (EVMs) that has allegedly irked the Chief Justice, leading to calls for re-elections in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. However, a thorough investigation by PIBFactCheck has exposed the video as misleading and categorically labeled it as #fake. In this article, we delve into the details to debunk the false claims and shed light on the facts surrounding the purported glitch.

The Allegations and PIBFactCheck’s Verdict

False Claims Unveiled

The video in question alleges a glitch in the EVMs during recent elections, putting the Election Commission in the crosshairs of the Chief Justice’s displeasure. However, PIBFactCheck has meticulously examined the video and found it to be a fabrication, void of any factual basis. The claims made in the video lack substantial evidence and are deemed an attempt to mislead the public.

Reliability of PIBFactCheck

Before we proceed, it’s imperative to highlight the credibility of PIBFactCheck. As a renowned fact-checking entity, it has a proven track record of providing accurate and impartial assessments. In this case, their findings strongly discredit the video circulating on ‘SM Headlines,’ emphasizing the importance of relying on trusted sources for information.

The Importance of Verifiable Information

Role of Fact-Checking in the Digital Age

In an era dominated by information overflow, fact-checking has become an indispensable tool to discern truth from falsehood. Misleading content, such as the video in question, can have far-reaching consequences, eroding public trust and sowing seeds of discord. It is crucial for consumers of information to be discerning and prioritize verified sources.

Addressing the Implications

Impact on Public Perception

False claims about glitches in EVMs and the subsequent displeasure of the Chief Justice can have severe implications on public perception. It can potentially undermine the faith in the electoral process and cast doubt on the integrity of the Election Commission. The dissemination of such misinformation underscores the need for responsible journalism and vigilant fact-checking.

Legal Ramifications

Spreading false information about the electoral process and high-ranking officials can have legal consequences. It is essential for individuals and media outlets to exercise caution and adhere to ethical standards when disseminating information that has the potential to influence public opinion and the democratic process.


In conclusion, the video on ‘SM Headlines’ alleging a glitch in the EVMs and subsequent dissatisfaction of the Chief Justice is unfounded and lacks credibility. PIBFactCheck has categorically debunked the claims, emphasizing the importance of relying on verified information sources. In a digital age where misinformation can spread rapidly, it is crucial for individuals to be vigilant consumers of information, prioritizing accuracy and truth.

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