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Inspirational story, How a daughter Supports her mother to get married.

How did Deb Arti Ria Chakravorty react after hearing the news of her mother Moushumi’s second marriage?

She shared her reaction on Instagram and said,” I was excited last year when I got a call from my aunt who said, “There’s a guy who likes your Mom by the way her name is Moushumi.” I was so happy when Maa found love again. I grew up at Nani’s house because after Papa died, Maa moved in with her. Maa was 25 when I was just 2. She refused even though everyone would say, ‘You should remarry.’

“She’d say, ‘I’ll find love, but my daughter won’t find a father,'” and she dedicated her entire life to raising me. She did her best as a teacher and gave me everything she could. I decided that when I grew up, it would be my turn to look after her. I wasn’t going to back down now that I had that chance. A few months later, I visited her and she told me she’d joined a music app. That’s where she met Swapan.

She had become friends with him because he was a fan of her singing. She liked talking to him, I could tell. She was hesitant to open her heart to love, but she did it anyways. “Your life isn’t over, give him a chance,” I said, easing her mind. In October, a few months later, she said “I like him too.” I was both happy and nervous too.

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It all vanished the moment I spoke to him. There was something very soothing about him. He said, “I will make her happy”. I was sure they would be pleased. After both families met, the wedding preparations began. I made sure all the rituals were performed even though Maa wanted a small wedding. I went all out and went to Guwahati for her wedding shopping.

I remember on her wedding day, Maa was so nervous. I wasn’t having any of it even though she felt embarrassed wearing the red saree. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her when she was finally ready. She cried when I placed a small tikka behind her ear. After all the rituals were done, Swapan came to me and said, “You’ll always be her priority.” We smiled and gave cuddling to each other.

I can tell that Maa is very happy because it’s been 9 months since she got married. 3 months ago, all of us went to Shillong. I felt that Maa found a life partner and I too found a papa while we were exploring the streets, eating, and shopping. I’m the happiest now that my mother is happier. We’d always craved a family and finally, We’ve got it! Chakravorty successfully arranged a wedding for her mother, ending on a super happy note.

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