How to Pitch Yourself to an Employer


Long hours, complicated work, and the hours-long struggle to find a new job can make work seem like it’s never ending. It is important to market yourself in order to stand out from other job candidates who might have more experience or skills than you. In this article, learn some ways to sell yourself and get the attention of potential employers!

The Importance of Employers

The most important part of your job search is making sure that you are pitching yourself to the employer. When it comes to your resume, having the right keywords or specialties can make all the difference in getting an interview or a job. When it comes to interviews, make sure that you know what questions they will ask and have answers ready.

Pitching in Person vs. Online

Accomplishing your goal can depend largely on how you approach pitching yourself to an employer. There are many different ways to pitch yourself, but one of the most effective is in person. Perhaps the best way to pitch yourself is over the phone or video interview. These types of interviews allow you to get a feel for whether or not your skills match up with the company’s needs, which will help you determine if it’s worth working with that company in hopes of landing a job offer.

Qualities to Have as an Employable Candidate

The process of finding a job is not always easy. It may seem like it’s just a series of small steps and luck, but there are certain qualities that employers need in order to be able to hire someone for the position. If you are looking for a new job, make sure to have these skills already.

Addressing Criticisms and Challenges to Pitching

It’s important to know how your skillset will be seen by those who hire you. To help you do that, below is a list of common criticisms and challenges to pitching yourself.


This blog post explains how to properly and effectively pitch yourself to employers. It includes tips on how to dress for the interview, what questions you should be asking during your interview, and general strategies for getting hired.

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