Marriage: The Unexpected Dangers of Living Together


Living together before marriage is much more dangerous than you might think. This article explores the unexpected dangers of this decision; and how it can affect your future marriage – if you decide to get married at all. Let’s explore these dangers!

Things That Happen When You Cohabit

Cohabiting with your significant other has all sorts of benefits. You can save on rent and live in an attractive new neighborhood for less than the cost of a mortgage each month. There’s also something to be said for the romanticism of cohabitation: it feels like you’re truly making a life together. But there are some hidden dangers when it comes to living with your partner…

Why It Matters If You Cohabit

Cohabiting couples are twice as likely to get divorced than those who don’t. Cohabiting couples are more likely to get into arguments, and less likely to communicate with each other about emotions. Cohabiters are also less likely to address issues in the relationship, instead choosing to ignore them.

The Dangers of Cohabitation

Cohabitation is often thought of as a way to test if you and your partner are ready for marriage or living on your own. In reality, it’s a dangerous idea that can lead to emotional and financial problems down the road. Before you live together, make sure that you know what you’re getting into. While there are many benefits for living together as a couple, there are also some pitfalls.

The most significant danger of cohabitation is its tendency to lead to marriage. Cohabiting couples have a 50% higher risk of marital unhappiness and divorce if they move in together before their fifth anniversary. This statistic may be attributed to the lack of commitment that comes with not being married; which can lead to other problems such as infidelity and money troubles.

The Consequences of Cohabiting Before Marriage

Cohabitation is a dangerous step people take when they want to test the waters before they fully commit to marriage. Cohabiting with a potential spouse can lead to a break-up, which not only ends the relationship but also disrupts your entire life. The average cohabiting couple spends $18,500 on their combined household expenses.

That’s $13,000 more than what married couples spend. Cohabiting couples are 18% more likely to buy a home than married couples and if the romance fizzles out; you’re stuck with someone else’s mortgage and property tax bills even if you’re only renting the place.


After years of research, I have concluded that living together before marriage not only doesn’t help your marriage in any way, but it also does a lot of harm that has never been recognized. Living together before getting married is risky for many reasons. Couples that live together before marriage are more likely to get divorced, and the divorce rate is higher among couples who cohabit before their first anniversary.

It’s also more common for couples who live together before marriage to have children outside of wedlock. Another risk is that when they break up, it can be difficult to divide property and assets.

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