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New and Dangerous Variant of Corona XBB.1.16.1 Raises Alarm in India.


  1. New recombinant variant XBB.1.16 of coronavirus responsible for surge in cases in India.
  2. XBB.1.16.1, a subtype of the variant, has infected 113 people in India.
  3. XBB.1.16 variants are responsible for 38.2% of total COVID-19 cases in India so far.
  4. Symptoms of XBB.1.16 are similar to other Omicron variants, and most patients can be treated at home.

The Surge of XBB.1.16 Variant of Corona

The recent surge in Corona cases in India and the identification of a new variant of Corona XBB.1.16 as the reason behind it. This highlights the worrying aspect of the new recombinant variant that is continuously mutating, leading to the emergence of its subtypes. Also highlights the fact that 113 people in India have been infected with its subtype XBB.1.16.1, with most cases being reported in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

XBB.1.16.1 Variant of Corona: How Dangerous Is It?

New variant delves into the dangers posed by the XBB.1.16.1 variant of Corona. Although its entries have not been listed on the INSACOG portal, experts are closely monitoring all the variants of Omicron. XBB is a sublineage of Omicron, and so far, 400 sub-variants of Omicron have been found in India, of which 90 percent are XBB. The symptoms of XBB.1.16.1 are similar to other variants of Omicron and include fever, cough, chills, runny nose, headache, body aches, sometimes abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Most patients can be treated at home, and hospitalization is required only in serious cases.

The Current State of Corona in India

The current state of Corona in India, highlighting that the daily positivity rate of Corona has reached 5.63 percent, and the weekly positivity rate has reached 3.47 percent. The number of active cases of Covid in the country has increased to 31,194, with over 6,000 cases being registered on Friday and Thursday. Indian Government has come into an alert mode, and Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has had a high-level meeting with the health ministers of the states to review the progress of public health preparedness for management of Covid-19 and vaccination of Covid-19.

XBB Variant: What Is It?

The article ends by discussing the XBB variant of Corona and how it is a sublineage of Omicron. The article notes that XBB.1.16 may spread faster than XBB.1.5 and is much more aggressive than XBB.1.5. However, the symptoms of the new variants of Corona are the same as before, and there are no new symptoms. The article also highlights that with changing weather, flu cases have increased, leading to an increase in Corona cases as well.

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