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Ridhi Dogra Thanks Fans for Praise Her Role in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’

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Actress Ridhi Dogra is riding high on a wave of appreciation and love, thanks to her role in the hit movie “Jawan.” Taking to Instagram, she poured her heart out in a heartfelt note to express her gratitude towards the fans who have showered the film and its team with adoration and praise.

A Stellar Performance as ‘Kaveri Amma’

In “Jawan,” Ridhi Dogra portrays the character ‘Kaveri Amma,’ a role that has garnered her immense praise. Interestingly, this character draws inspiration from the beloved ‘Kaveri Amma’ in the iconic film “Swades,” which has its own dedicated fan base. Ridhi’s portrayal of ‘Kaveri Amma’ in “Jawan” has added to her growing list of remarkable performances.

Ridhi Dogra’s journey in 2023 has been nothing short of remarkable, with four consecutive releases showcasing her exceptional talent. Starting with “Lakadbaggha,” she left a lasting impression on fans and audiences alike. Now, with “Jawan,” she has once again astounded many with her performance.

Gratitude in a Heartfelt Note

Upon witnessing the overwhelming response to the film and her role, Ridhi Dogra penned a heartfelt note to express her gratitude. She shared a photo of herself with folded hands, symbolizing her thankfulness for the love pouring in from fans.

In her emotional message, Ridhi said, “I have to take a moment. Apart from all the retweeting I’m doing. To Say A Big Huge Heartfelt Thank You.” She emphasized how the audience’s feedback has always been her driving force throughout her career.

Ridhi Dogra continued, “For an actor who has nothing but her craft to show – No mechanism, no marketing, no godfathers – You are all that for me.” She expressed her deep gratitude to her fans, who have supported her journey from the beginning and encouraged her to excel in her craft.

Ridhi Dogra’s journey with her audience began with “Maryada” in 2011, and she acknowledged that it is because of her dedicated fans that she continues to exist on the screen. Ridhi Dogra concluded with a heartfelt tribute, saying, “YOU. Mean. Everything.”

Upcoming Ventures

The love and praise Ridhi Dogra is receiving for her role in “Jawan” reaffirm her exceptional talent and versatility as an actress. As “Jawan” continues to captivate audiences in cinemas, Ridhi is set to grace the screen once again in the highly anticipated “Tiger 3” alongside Salman Khan. The film is scheduled for a worldwide release on Diwali 2023, promising another exciting chapter in her career.

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