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Smeelu Jeevan’s success story is proof that Josh consistently supports its creator community.

Josh, an app made in India, has become a top player in the short video app market due to its large user base and impressive metrics, which serve as evidence of its success. Both content creators and viewers using the platform report a high level of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Smeelu Jeevan is one of the members of the creator community on Josh who has been given opportunities to grow by Josh on various levels. The creator, who is 27 years old and a Maths graduate, comes from Kumbalanghi, Kochi, and operates a seafood restaurant called Varambu. One India’s YouTube channel covered the success story of a renowned creator who specializes in both food and travel content.

Smeelu, who is also a wife and mother, stumbled upon Josh by chance while searching for fishing videos on the internet. She is currently experiencing a great sense of joy due to the affection and assistance she has received.

Smeelu ranked among the top three creators in the production of the second edition of Josh All-Stars. For those who are not aware, JAS is a highly successful flagship program of Josh that assists creators in expanding their profiles on the short-video platform. Thousands of creators have benefited from a formal training academy focused on short videos. It is similar to this.

The success story of Smeelu Jeevan, a JAS finalist, was covered by One India and then published on One India Malayalam’s YouTube Channel. She attributed Josh’s difference in the interview to the support system, content guidance, and motivation to post videos.

Smeelu Jeevan’s accomplishments have served as an inspiration to numerous other creators, demonstrating that Josh is the lone short video app that offers a vast platform to its users and a significant role in their means of subsistence.

Her vibrant life as Josh’s Creator is here:

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bslwBifWoJU&feature=youtu.be

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