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What are the hidden benefits of saying Ram Ram twice?

Last updated on August 21st, 2023 at 03:47 pm

Hidden benefits of saying Ram Ram twice

From our old times when two people meet each other, they say ‘Ram Ram’ in respect to each other. By the way, in today’s time, people meet each other by saying hi, and hello in English. Due to this the name of God is least taken from the people.

Have you ever thought that since ancient times, when people meet each other, why do they meet each other saying Ram Ram and why do they say “Ram Ram” only twice?

Why say only twice not once or thrice?

There is a deep secret behind saying “Ram Ram” twice because it is being followed since the beginning of time.

The logic for greetings or Chanting

In the vocabulary of Hindi, ‘R’ is the twenty-seventh word, ‘A’ is the second word and ‘M’ is the twenty-fifth word. Now if we sum all three numbers, then 27 + 2 + 25 = 54, that is, the sum of one ‘Ram’ is 54, similarly the total sum of two ‘Ram Ram’ will be 108. When we chant something as per Vedic rule, we do it by counting a rosary of 108 (one hundred and eight) beads.

Just by saying Ram twice (‘Ram Ram’), the whole garland is chanted. It has also been said in the Puranas that by chanting the name of Rama in Kalyug, salvation will be attained. By chanting this name twice, the entire rosary is chanted. That’s why leave the hello and say ‘Ram Ram’.

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