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5,880 New COVID-19 Cases Reported On 10-04-2023 For Last 24 Hour.

Last updated on September 17th, 2023 at 03:20 pm

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India is on a mission to vaccinate a large proportion of its population as a precaution against the novel coronavirus. The nationwide vaccination drive has been a success with a total of 220.66 crore doses (95.21 crore second doses and 22.87 crore precaution doses) administered so far. This number is higher than in the last 24 hours when only 205 doses were administered.

The great success of the drive is quite evident in India’s active caseload, which currently stands at 35,199. This is 0.08% of the total cases, which gives us a fair indication of the success of the campaign. The total recovery rate also stands at 98.73% with 3,481 people recovered in the last 24 hours and a total of 4,41,96,318 recoveries.

However, the total number of new cases reported in the last 24 hours was 5,880 while the daily positivity rate was 6.91%. This shows us that the battle against the pandemic is far from over and the need for people to take preventive measures and continue following safety guidelines is more important than ever.

It is encouraging to see the success of the vaccine drive and the rising recovery rates. We hope that the infection rates continue to stay low and that more people get vaccinated so that the nation can move closer toward complete recovery.

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