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Can Delta and Omicron combine to make a super strain?

Last updated on September 17th, 2023 at 03:51 pm

In a recent study, the first concrete evidence has been found about the formation of a new virus by combining Delta and Omicron variants. The World Health Organization (WHO) said on this study that this new combination virus was already expected because both of them were spreading very fast.

This study has been done by the Pasteur Institute, a French institution, in which solid evidence has been found about the virus combining Delta and Omicron. The study said that this new combination virus has been confirmed to be found in many areas of France and has been in circulation since January 2022.

The study also said that viruses of the same genome and profile have also been confirmed to be found in Denmark and the Netherlands. The study said that there is still a need to investigate and analyze in this case whether all these new combination viruses are derived from the same mutation, or there have been many cases of such recombination.

Maria van Kirkhove, who leads the Kovid technical team at the WHO, said in a tweet that this was to be expected, especially considering that both these variants were spreading very fast. He said that WHO is keeping an eye on this matter and study is going on in this regard.

WHO is tracking Omicron in multiple sub-lineages, is it time to worry again?

What did the WHO say about this earlier?

However, when initially people feared a combined variant of Delta and Omicron variants and called it Deltachron, WHO said that there is no such thing as a Delta and Omicron combination. “Actually we think it is a result of containment, which happened during the sequencing process,” Maria had said.

However, Maria later clarified that a person can be infected with two different variants at the same time.

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