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Mulled Wine Recipe – Make Your Christmas Special With this wine

The weekends are not meant for work!

They are meant to have some time to yourself or to your close ones, to refresh and start anew. 🌞 Especially in Winter, when everything and everyone around are becoming moody and grim. ☃️

But fear not, we have a solution! On this fine Sunday, we decided to share Adsterra’s most beloved recipe for mulled wine! 🥤 Well, not “mulled wine” per se, because its name is “Le Vin Chaud”.


– 750 ml of red dry wine

– 3 cinnamon sticks

– some ginger

– 6 orange slices

– 3 tbsp. sugar

– a bit of cardamom

– a bunch of cloves

– a pinch of anise

And our *secret* ingredient:

– 2–3 espresso coffees

The recipe:

“Le Vin Chaud” (or French 🇫🇷 mulled wine) has many recipes, from traditional cinnamon and walnuts to white mulled wine. But we want to offer you a delicious and refined recipe for French coffee mulled wine the way we do it!

To make it, you need to heat a bottle of red wine (not the bottle itself, just saying), while adding espresso coffee, cinnamon sticks, six orange slices, a few slices of ginger root and 3 tbsp. sugar in a pot.

You can also add your favorite spices — cloves, anise or cardamom, but that one is up to you. 🤷

Such a drink will give not only pleasure and warmth, but also fill the room with enchanting aromas and give a slight French charm. Just the way we love it! ❤️



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