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5 Foods You Should Never Reheat

We all reheat our tiffin lunch in the office but some foods could become deadly when heated again. Here are these five food items which you should never reheat.

It is a common routine to make food, store in the refrigerator the leftover, and reheat it at the time of serving for consumption. A microwave is the most preferable machine when you want to reheat the food. It is quick and convenient. However, warming some foods can make them unsafe for eating. Here are these five food items which you should never reheat.


Eggs contain protein and they should be consumed fresh fresh. Boiled egg or reheating a scrambled can make it poisonous. It can be regretful news for your tummy. 


The potato should also be eaten fresh. Also, you require to fridge the leftover immediately as leaving it at room temperature level can cause the increase of microorganisms. This can turn the vegetable poisonous. Reheating this food will cause damage to nutrition. 


Like eggs, chicken is also loaded with proteins. Eating reheated chicken can begin with digestive problems. If you have cooked chicken stored in your refrigerator. Use it in the refrigerated salad instead of rewarming it. If you are going to reheat it, make it thoroughly.


Mushroom is a different vegetable that you should consume fresh. Reheating will depreciate the proteins available in mushrooms and can negatively influence your digestive system.  


Loaded with nitrate, iron, and other nutrients. Spinach is should be consumed freshly. Reheating can cause the transformation of nitrates into nitrite. Nitrites can consolidate with amines to form a carcinogenic compound. Therefore, avoid reheating spinach.

Although it is easy to reheat and eat the food, but do not reheat the abovesaid foods. Eat fresh & healthy to stay healthy.

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