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Uttar Pradesh Housing Development Council’s Ambitious Township Project

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The Uttar Pradesh Housing Development Council is all set to transform the real estate landscape with its visionary project. This colossal venture aims to create a new township encompassing a vast expanse of 2076 acres (844 hectares) situated near the capital’s Purvanchal Express Mohanlalganj. The project comes with an estimated cost of a whopping Rs 10,000 crore, signifying the scale of ambition and the potential impact.

Three Township Proposals Unveiled

The proposal for three distinct townships, namely Kisan Path, Indira Canal, and Purvanchal Express, was presented during the housing development board meeting. Among these, the board approved the development of the Purvanchal Express Township, marking the initial steps towards a transformational development.

Technical Glitches Stall Two Proposals

However, two of the proposals faced a temporary setback due to technical issues associated with their mutual connection. These proposals will be re-presented and discussed during the upcoming board meeting, emphasizing the determination to address any challenges to make these visionary townships a reality.

Land Acquisition Details

The development of the Purvanchal Express Mohanlalganj Township entails the acquisition of land from several villages, including Chand Sarai, Kasimpur, Biruha, Habuapur, Mojjamnagar, Sathwara, Siddhpura, Bhatwara, Paharnagar, Tikariya, Kabirpur, Magahua, and Beli. The board has given the green light to issue Section-28 notices for the acquisition of 2076 acres of land, a significant step in advancing the project.

Affordable Plot Rates

The township is expected to offer residential plots at competitive rates, ranging from Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 per square meter. This pricing strategy not only makes these developed plots an attractive option for potential homeowners but also positions them as more cost-effective compared to traditional property dealers. The completion of this extensive township is anticipated within a span of approximately two years.

Compensation for Landowners

Farmers whose lands are to be acquired for the Purvanchal Express Mohanlalganj Township will receive compensation at the rate of Rs 29 lakh per hectare. The specific compensation amounts for individual landowners will be determined by the District Magistrate, ensuring that they are fairly compensated for their land.

Expanding Commercial Horizons

The Awas Vikas Indiranagar Scheme is set to acquire 50 properties for a mall at Munshi Pulia metro station. The board has given its approval for this expansion of commercial ventures. Section 28 notices will be issued to the occupants of these properties shortly, paving the way for this significant development.

Corner Plot Option for Neighbors

Housing Development Council has introduced an innovative concept that allows adjacent allottees to purchase the corner plot next to their property if less than 10 percent of the land is vacant. This initiative is poised to enhance land utilization and provide new opportunities for property owners.

As these projects progress, they represent a significant step forward in the development of Uttar Pradesh’s real estate sector and in providing affordable housing solutions to the people of the state. The combination of strategic planning, visionary ideas, and an economic investment of this magnitude promises a brighter and more prosperous future for Uttar Pradesh.

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