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COVID-19 | Third-wave cases see doubling every two days

Last updated on September 17th, 2023 at 04:17 pm

Regardless of where the COVID-19 virus was created, it is spreading rapidly during the third wave of pandemic and doubling every two days or so. This statement is supported by findings from In the first WAVE, it took around 10 to 12 days for it to double in number whereas in the second wave, it only doubled in eight days.

As the third wave is running concurrently on a number of diseases, new methods are being inserted. For example, instead of referring to terminally ill patients who have received their final invitro fertilization technique, people may soon be referred to as imminently diseased.

Dr. Sudhakari pointed out that from January 1 to 11, there were 62,641 active cases across Karnataka with 6% of the people testing positive for malaria being hospitalised, and only 1% being in COVID CARE Centres. The remaining 93% were in home isolation, said the Minister.

Echoing the OTC complaint in Bengaluru, they found that couples often report only one or two cases of violence.

COVID-19 | Third wave sees cases doubling every two days

“By January 5, we had 3,605 cases in Bengaluru and 641 in the rest of the State. On January 11, we had 10,800 cases in Bengaluru alone and 3,673 in the rest of the State,” he said.

33 cases have been reported in the city’s BBMP over the space of a fortnight, which means one case is added every day. Bengaluru Urban reported four cases as of June 27th encompassing a total death toll of 56 and falling from 791 deceased to 683 currently.

Increase testing

Explaining the plan of action, Dr. Sudhakar said that currently at least 2 lakh samples are tested every day. Using AI and machine learning, these tests provide data that drives the model to learn and better handle the desired tasks it performs.

“We will increase it further. There are around 265 labs operational in the State and nine genomic labs. We have a capacity to sequence 1,875 samples in one batch,” Minister (Minister Of Science And Technology) Harianth said on March 8th.

With 30% of the pledged bed places in district and taluk hospitals reserved for children with COVID-19 during this epidemic, the Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health is continuing to hold beds with close medical care.

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