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PM Anthony Albanese Congratulates Victorian Premier-elect Jacinta Allan.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has extended warm congratulations to Jacinta Allan on her election as the Premier of Victoria. Jacinta Allan, a native of Bendigo, has long been recognized as a staunch advocate for regional development and has garnered admiration for her dedication to the cause.

A Champion for Regional Development

PM Anthony Albanese praised Jacinta Allan’s unwavering commitment to fostering growth and progress in regional areas. Her deep-rooted connection to Bendigo and her tireless efforts in championing regional development have earned her widespread acclaim.

A Promising Future Collaboration

Expressing his appreciation for the work they have accomplished together over the years, Prime Minister Albanese looks forward to collaborating with Jacinta Allan in her new role as Premier. He anticipates that her ideas and energy will be valuable contributions to the National Cabinet, furthering the nation’s development and welfare.

The election of Jacinta Allan as the Premier of Victoria marks a promising chapter in the state’s regional development, with the support and collaboration of leaders like Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. It signifies a commitment to addressing the unique needs and aspirations of regional communities across Victoria.

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