Essential Makeup Tips For Beginners


Still a teenager and stepped out of your home to explore the world or you are a young lady who never have applied a kohl to highlight your eyes, basic makeup is an are that every girl must know. Why struggle to highlight those eyes when there are several easy tips to do makeup like a pro? You can look flawless by applying simple techniques to your face. You just have to choose the right product and know your skin. Right products not only can make your complexion look desirable but also they enhance your confidence every time you do makeup.

At First Place, What Are These Products?

Primer, foundation, concealer, compact, highlighter, tints, blush…uggghhh….confused? Yes you are and you must know when to apply what.

Primer-y Requirement –

The basic of the makeup begins with applying a Primer. Clean your face properly and apply a good quality primer as it is the first layer of your look. If your skin is too dry, you must apply some moisturiser before primer. Dab a little and see the magic. It reduces marks on your face and helps providing even skin tone.

Lay – a Foundation –

A good makeup is incomplete without a good foundation. As the name says, it indeed is the foundation of a flawless makeup. Get a foundation that perfectly matched with your skin tone as it has unique colour adapting mechanism and also it has filters to protect your complexion from sun rays. Set it with a compact powder for better results.

Conceal it –

The name explains, a concealer conceals all your darker spots, pimples and acnes in a better way. It camouflages all your facial flaws. It comes in many hues and you can choose or apply them according to your requirement. For eg. green concealer is used to eliminate redness and lavender one is required to hide the paleness.
Seal it with a compact.

Say Hi to Highlighters –

You must be thinking that now your skin is lipstick ready then why highlight? Highlighting is an another secret for a perfectly chiseled face. Do you know that contour creates shadows and adds dimension to your face whereas a highlighter enhances the high points of your face. You can use a good bronzer and blush according to the time, occasion and mood. Like you can use darker shades for night and nude shades for day time.

Eye – Magic

They say that eyes talk. Why not? Maximum conversation is accomplished with the eyes so why not beautify them?
Don’t get confused over the shades. Blend the right combination of your eye shadow and apply it followed by a slim or bold eyelining. If you are not so confident or you can’t draw a perfect line over your eyes with the liquid liner then go for a good quality sketch one eyeliner. These are easy to apply and available in many shades. Apply mascara and kohl if you feel like. Though kohl or kajal enhances the boldness of eyes and mascara provides volume to eyelashes, but it is your choice if you want to keep your look simple.

Lips Don’t Lie

Now that is totally your call how you want to flaunt your lips. Lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, lip tint whatever you want. They all are available in multiple shades and finishes. Just make sure to scrub your lips with a good lip scrub if you use these often. For the starting, try nude or lighter shade according to your complexion as bold and darker shades require perfection to apply.

Wear your confidence

Don’t struggle to look flawless. Be confident in your your skin because confidence is the best makeup. Just follow a healthy diet and good routine to healthily your skin and don’t forget to remove your makeup before going to bed

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