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PM Anthony congratulates MP Andrew Charlton on the Launch of his book ‘Pivot to India’

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese extended his congratulations to Labor MP Andrew Charlton on the launch of his book, titled ‘Pivot to India.’ The Prime Minister commended the significant work, which sheds light on Australia’s relationship with India and its growth in recent times.

A Focus on Australia-India Relations

‘Pivot to India’ delves into the intricate and evolving ties between Australia and India. It offers insights into the ways in which these two nations have strengthened their relationship in various sectors, contributing to enhanced cooperation and collaboration.

Deepening Ties

The book’s exploration of Australia’s deepening relationship with India underscores the importance of fostering strong international partnerships. It recognizes the shared values, interests, and aspirations that have driven both countries to collaborate more closely in recent years.

An Essential Read

‘Pivot to India’ by Andrew Charlton serves as an essential read for those interested in understanding the dynamics of Australia’s diplomatic and economic engagement with India. It highlights the significance of robust international relationships in today’s interconnected world.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s commendation of Andrew Charlton’s book underscores the importance of dialogue and reflection on international partnerships and the role they play in shaping the future. ‘Pivot to India’ contributes to the ongoing conversation about the significance of Australia’s ties with India and the potential for further growth and cooperation between these two nations.

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